Offline marketing

  • Research

    One of the main points of setting company’s marketing strategy is a market research in microlevel. Decisions must be based on the results of the market research for having healthy next steps. Our team is capable to evaluate company’s assets and liabilities and to forecast opportunities to see development prospects in it’s business segment. We give accurate information about competitors, about behavior of real and potential customers, also about difficulties and opportunities facing customers.

  • Idea

    Planning to enter the market with new product?

    Want to remind yourself to the potential and missed customers?

    May be you want to increase your market share and reach targeted sales?

    May be you want to start the grandiose advertising campaign?

    Then you need an IDEA!

    The only thing you need to tell us about your goals and opportunities, then  we will offer you the optimal  and productive ideas!

  • Concept

    Marketing is a system. Each element of marketing as a part of a whole concept must bring to life, only then it’s effect will be as big as wanted.  Conversion of an idea into a concept extend it’s influence further. Preparing of plan for the realization of idea and conducting of relevant communication in the target audience channels is a Consept.  Don’t send the message which you want to deliver to the target audience abruptly, but send it systematically, in the form and time that will better reach your target audience and the result will not be long to wait.

  • Content

    Content has always existed and now it becomes more significant. People receive thousands of information and make millions of requests daily. Day by day it is very difficult to excel due enormous flow of information. Many aspects of your websites’ content or other channels of communication content should be prepared in a professional manner. The availability of previously mentioned will increase the quantity of customers, however the lack of professionalism will allow competitors to take the lead. 

  • Media Planning

    Is the process of strategy planning of brand’s, product’s and service’s advertising activities. You can easily entrust choosing of communication channels relevant to appointed goals, optimization of the budget, setting brand communication plan, finally, effective organization of connection between target audience and brand to our highly qualified team. We are aware of any advertising channels, it’s profitability, advantages and etc. consequently we will recommend the most effective advices. 


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