who we are

Welcome! Let’s help you to know us closer. We established taking advantage of devaluation of national currency in 2015. Quality of our work contributed gain of loyalty through customers and as a result today we have a significant increase of local and foreign customers, although initially we had only 3 customers. Yeah, we are risky guys, who succeed not because of attractive appearance but high ambitions and hardworking. Our scope of activity are web-programming, digital marketing, branding/design and we fulfill them with great love and passion.


Marketing is neither an exact science nor an exact field of activity. There are measurable and not measurable indicators, but the hardest part is to assume in advance what may happen in the future. The customer consists of hundred and thousand people. Therefore our goal is to present the best job which will be understandable and attractive to the customer, and  make us their choice. In our work we are giving priority to uniqueness, functionality, appearance and minimalism. Our work requires responsibility and focus on small details, that is why the most important factor is TIME. We need time for creation, and if it's not enough you have to give out the first idea that comes to your mind. Give us a TIME, we will give you the BEST!


Our team consist of nearly 20 young specialists. Although they are working day and night they find time for reading and self-development. The rules in our office are very strict and penalties are very cruel. For instance, if you make orthographic mistake then be ready to burn at the stake or if someone didn’t wash his dishes, be sure, he expects battle of gladiators. We do not like sloppy music, old style branding, unresposive websites and lazy people. We love customers who trust us, chocolate, ice cream, movies, comics and especially business literature which nothing could replace. As a team, we set ourselves the goal of becoming a global agency, and every day we do everything for it.